For Life: Vision & mission

For Life’s Vision

A world where companies and organizations are committed to continuous improvement in the well-being of the people involved in their activities.
Producers, processors, traders, retailers are progressing in the same direction: raising the bar of labour and environmental conditions, and promoting sustainable development both locally and down their supply-chains.
They can easily identify partners who share the same values and manage corporate social responsibility in their daily operations.

For Life’s Mission

Provide a framework within which each actor can make corporate social responsibility principles a reality by:
1. Defining clear requirements in order to characterize corporate social responsibility;
2. Guaranteeing the sound and efficient control of these requirements, all while offering a flexible approach capable of adapting to local contexts, cultures and traditions;
3. Ensuring that the public receives truthful information about these requirements and the efforts made to implement them.
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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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Insight into impacts

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