Fair for Life: Vision & mission

Fair for Life’s Vision

A world where trade, through ethical, fair and respectful partnerships, is a driving force for positive and sustainable change benefiting people and their environment.
Producers and workers who are at a particular disadvantage – no matter the country where they work – are actors of their own development, together deciding on meaningful projects adapted to their local situation. Thanks to long-term partnerships, they are ensured fair remunerations and have a better overview of the opportunities for their future development.
Organizations and companies are committed to building respectful relationships, ensuring fair working conditions and respecting the environment within and along their supply-chains.
Consumers are enabled to make informed purchase decisions, in line with their expectations.

Fair for Life’s Mission

Provide a framework within which each actor can engage to make fair trade principles a reality in its supply-chain by:
1) Defining clear requirements applying to each actor in a supply-chain in order to characterize fair trade and responsible supply-chains;
2) Guaranteeing the sound and efficient control of these requirements, all while offering a flexible approach capable of adapting to local contexts, cultures and traditions;
3) Ensuring that consumers receive truthful information about these requirements and the efforts made to implement them.
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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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