Fair for Life & For Life Scheme Committee Consultations

As part of the continuous review and evolution of the FFL & FL Standards, the Scheme Committee is regularly called upon in between the full revisions (for details on the revision process please click here) to discuss about modifications that are proposed by the standard holder in order to improve the applicability, significance and/or practicality of the standards.  

Role of the FFL & FL Scheme Committee

The Scheme Committee is a group of experts or professionals who, as representatives of fair trade stakeholders and managers (production, purchasing, preparation, distribution, etc.), are consulted by the standard owner about technical matters in order to improve the Fair for Life and For Life standards or contribute to clarifying their interpretation.

Composition of the FFL & FL Scheme Committee

The FFL & FL Scheme Committee is a group of representatives from different stakeholder groups:
  • «Farmers» stakeholder group: farmer organizations, production-contract companies, individual farmers and plantations 
  • «Buyers/processors» stakeholder group: these are the entities which process and/or buy-sell (importers, brands, etc.) except distributors, belonging to different concerned sectors (food industry, cosmetics, textile and handicraft)
  • «Retailers» stakeholder group: distribution networks specialized in finished products distribution
  • «Consumers» stakeholder group: consumers associations and/or groups or other organizations which promote fair trade
  • «Support and guiding organizations» stakeholder group: NGOs or associations which support fair trade subsidiaries

Click here to see the current members of the FFL & FL Scheme Committee.

Scheme Committee Consultation 2018

In 2018, the Scheme Committee was consulted on selected topics:
  • Step 1: Confirmation of the composition of the Committee (April to July 2018)
  • Step 2: Written feedbacks by the Committee members on the topics to be discussed (September to October 2018)
  • Step 3: Online discussions with the Committee members on selected topics (October 2018)
  • Step 4: Validation of the Consultation Report by the Committee members (December 2018 to January 2019)
  • Step 5: Publication of the Consultation Report on the FFL Website (February 2019)

Please download the Consultation Report to learn about the consultation topics and results.  

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