Key highlights

  1. It is a certification that applies throughout the chain of custody covering producers, manufacturers, traders and brandholders.

  2. The Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Programme is based on the latest recommendations in setting social standards.

  3. It is based on a non product-specified standard. Most food and non-food commodities from raw materials to finished products may be certified.

  4. Demonstration of social and fair business practices through an independent third party certification with an outstanding reputation. Certification service is applied worldwide.

  5. It has high transparency by publication of performance rating on the website.

  6. Performance rating offers incentive for companies to further improve their performance beyond minimum requirements every year.

  7. Flexibility by adapting an individual plan for social improvement.

  8. Combined audits with other standards, e.g. organic, GOTS, MSC, etc. can be offered as tailored to the needs of interested operations.

  9. Equivalence with other certification systems that compare favourably with the Fair for Life criteria.

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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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