Certified Operator (Certification Applicant)Grupo Agrícola Figueroa Aviña S.A. de C.V.4 stars

Place, CountrySonora, Mexico

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Certification ProgrammeFor Life - Social Responsibility Certification
Performance Rating
ChapterContent of the For Life - Corporate Social Responsibility ProgrammeMaximumRating
1Core Principles and Values1212
2Commitment to and Management of CSR Policy2616
3Respect of Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions245156
4Respect of the Environment175106
5Local Development and Community Relations1610
6Trading and Supply chain relations00
8Traceability, Transparency and Respect of the Consumer1712
9Managing Certification and Performance2520
Total Score Performance Rating332
Certification for corporate social responsibility
Impact, special achievements & commitmentsGRUPO AGRICOLA FIGUEROA AVIÑA, S.A. de C.V., is a Family Business, starting activities in 1987 in the production of asparagus, with its first agricultural field. In 1996, it established three agricultural fields of asparagus on the Agricultural Coast of Caborca, Sonora, building a Packaging for the process of the same cultivation. It ventured into the production activities of Flame Grape for table and raisins (2011), offering employment to more than 1,000 people per year and is one of the main exporters of asparagus in the Region, exporting to various countries such as the United States of America, Europe, Australia and Japan. Throughout these years, the Company has implemented everything necessary to comply with the Official Mexican Standards that apply to it, implements and makes known to all its workers the "For Life" Social Responsibility Standard (2014). The Company is committed to its clients; therefore, it annually invites them to carry out inspections at its facilities to verify the process that is carried out. Every year the Company is Audited by Official Certification Bodies, in matters of Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices, complying with environmental issues (GlobalG.A.P., PrimusGFS / HACCP / Senasica / Organic Production). For its production, the Company needs to hire labor from other States of the Republic (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Sinaloa, etc.), offering the necessary training for the performance of its tasks, health and safety.
Management assumes the commitment to continually improve everything implemented in its processes, human resources, raw materials, labor well-being, offering excellent customer service, providing quality products at a competitive price, always with honesty, transparency, social and ecological responsibility; having as main objective, to satisfy the needs of the clients, workers and suppliers.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage68 %

Date of Certification
Last Update15.07.2020

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