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Place, CountryTamale, Ghana

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Certification ProgrammeFair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification
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Certification for fair trade and responsible supply chains
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Ripples Ghana Shea Butter Project’s Mission is to provide economic and Social prosperity to disadvantaged women in Ghana, by offering resources and training on the different stages of Shea Butter production and certification. Ripples interventions provides an opportunity to shea nut collectors and shea butter producers to have a sustainable market at both the local and the international level. Ripples o r Ghana is been supervised by the main Ripples foundation based in the US. The organic and Fairtrade products will be marketed by Sanamo in the US through https://ripplesfoundation.org platform.
The fair-trade board is required to manage the fair-trade development fund. By developing action plans and procedures for the utilization of the fund. The project is expected to link the women to more international buyers. Since 2013 the foundation has implemented projects which has supported a lot of households in northern Ghana.

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