Certified Operator (Certification Applicant)Cultivator Natural Products PVT. LTD.5 stars

Place, CountryJodhpur, India

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Certified Productsherbs (whole, TBC, cut/shift, powder), essential oils, seeds, tablets, capsules, hair colors, aloe vera leaves, asparagus roots, neem leaves, beet roots, senna leaves, henna leaves, amla fruits, eucalyptus leaves, roselle flowers, indigo leaves, chamomile flowers, lemon basil leaves, krishna tulsi leaves, vana tulsi leaves, rama tulsi leaves, castor seeds, sidr leaves, charcoal powder, turmeric rhizome powder, ginger rhizome powder, chia seeds, henna, indigo, neem water, soapnut fruits, black mustard seedsfair for life logo
Certification ProgrammeFair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification
Performance Rating
ChapterContent of the Fair For Life - Social & Fair Trade ProgrammeMaximumRating
1Core Principles and Values1010
2Commitment to and Management of Fair Trade Policy3521
3Respect of Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions254192
4Respect of the Environment185172
5Local Development and Community Relations119
6Trading and Supply chain relations10466
8Traceability, Transparency and Respect of the Consumer5236
9Managing Certification and Performance4636
Total Score Performance Rating593
Certification for fair trade and responsible supply chains
Impact, special achievements & commitmentsCultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. (CNPPL) is the most prominent producer, processor and exporters of certified organic herbs and botanicals in India. They strive to lead the world towards the safer and healthier alternatives by attaining excellence in customers satisfaction. CNPPL is providing priority in employment opportunities to poor and marginal communities for their good life and fulfilments of daily needs. Any types of discrimination practices are strictly prohibited in CNPPL. CNPPL distributed 20 million immunity boosting Ayurvedic Tablets free of cost to Frontline warrior’s for the safety & immunity against COVID-19 pandemic situation. CNPPL has taken initiatives in the conservation of biodiversity & conservation of endangered plant species. Also enriched the soil by adding organic carbon matter into the soil. The fair-trade fund is spent for improving the status of people, plants & planet. CNPPL new initiative of making green compost made from organic waste using positive bacteria by fermentation process will give a new boost to the agriculture and make economical viability for all the farmers and surrounding environment. CNPPL established Waste Disposal Machine through Fermentation by Microorganisms for Organic Manures & Bio- Fertilizers. The manure generated will be distributed to all the farmers free of cost will make the soil healthy and high crop yield.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage86 %

Date of Certification
Last Update25.04.2022

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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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