Revision of the Fair for Life

Social & Fair Trade Scheme

As any other standard, the Fair for Life Scheme is regularly updated and revised to account for new developments in the social and fair trade sector and to ensure continuous improvement of the scheme.

After the scheme’s introduction in 2006, different revisions were undertaken:

In March 2016, the Fair for Life Scheme began the process of a particularly important revision. This process should lead to the launch of the revised standard in February 2017:

Ongoing revision 2016: Context

During the past years, there has been close cooperation, including mutual recognition, between Fair for Life and ESR (ECOCERT’s social and fair trade scheme). This cooperation has been further strengthened since the acquisition of IMO by ECOCERT in 2013. Since then, the two Social & Fair Trade schemes have coexisted within the ECOCERT group. The 2016 revision of the Fair for Life Scheme will:

Ongoing revision 2016: Timelines and procedures

As during past revisions, the 2016 revision process will be carried out considering the principles of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards (Version 6.0 – December 2014), i.e. the process will be transparent and will allow for all stakeholders to participate.
Please download the Fair For Life Revision Procedure for further information on the revision procedure and the involved bodies.

Key steps of the revision process

Ongoing revision 2016: Where do we stand now?

Step 1
The pre-consultation phase is now over. Click here to read a summary of the lively and enriching exchanges that happened during this phase!

Step 2
We have recently launched a call for application: “Fair for Life and For Life Scheme Committee”. This Scheme Committee will hold its inaugural meeting in September. It will give technical advice in order to finalize the first draft of the revised standard, before the public consultation is held (step 3).

We will be happy to answer any questions or comments sent to
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