Certification costs

All expenses necessary to conduct the audits, evaluations and certification will be charged to the company paying for certification. Certification may be withheld until full payment of all invoices is received.

Where possible combined assignments, e.g. Fair for Life and organic audits may be offered by the certification body in order to minimise costs.

All invoicing is done on the basis of the list of fees and time needed for the provided services. Applicable fees depend on the region and size of the operation being audited and the region where the inspector is based, as different day rates apply for different regions. IMO works with local inspectors, but in special occasions e.g. when an inspection is requested at short notice IMO might not be able to provide the services of a local inspector and will have to assign an inspector from further away. In such cases, the inspector is only assigned after the consent of the company paying for the audit.


To get an impression about the costs please read the following examples of cost estimations for inspection and certification in different organisations.

1. Fair for Life

2. For Life

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