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Certification ProgrammeFair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification
Group Operation
ChapterContent of the For Life - Corporate Social Responsibility ProgrammeNormRating
3.1.1Transparent Adminstration and Relation with Producers2426
3.1.2Pricing and Producer Payments1618
3.1.3Non-discrimination and Gender Aspects1214
3.1.4Internal Control System2425
3.2.1Child Labour and Young Workers on Producer Farms22
3.2.2Working Conditions on Producer Farms4241
3.4.1Commitment to and Management of Social Responsibility88
3.4.2Community Relations611
3.4.3Respecting Rights of Indigenous and Local Peoples44
3.6.1Fair Trade Policy and Producer Empowerment1010
3.6.2Fair Trade Pricing1414
3.6.3Fair Trade Development Premium Administration and Use1818
3.6.4Accountable Trade Relations to Buyers1821
Total Score Group Operation212
Points Reached Last Year (Group Operation): 262
Environmental Criteria
ChapterContent of the IMO Environmental ProgrammeNormRating
3.5.1Internal Monitoring of Environmental Aspects45
3.5.2Environmental Performance of Producers2425
3.5.3Environmental Performance of Processing Group2424
Total Score Environmental Criteria54
Points Reached Last Year (Environmental Criteria): 52
Social Impact
Social Impact & Special AchievementsPeople are getting aware about organic cultivation and its benefits. Other people in that area are also getting aware and encouraged as well as they start practicing organic farming in-spite of being not a member in their project. They are getting more profit, as cost of cultivation is getting reduced in organic farming. People are getting more aware about environment protection. They are practicing eco-friendly activities. They are feeling happy as they are easily getting drinking water via hand-pump in-set by Creation Biotech near their living areas. They are very encouraged to stop wastage of drinking water, they use the water cooler distributed by Creation Biotech to keep safe and clean their drinking water. Their health issues are getting reduced as they are keeping clean their living area and are concerned about hygiene. Their living standard is also improved now, they use toilets buildt with the help of Creation Biotech in their houses and they stop going toilets in open areas. Looking at those people, other people in that area also encouraged to build toilets at their house and keep the atmosphere clean and hygienic. Women are also encouraged in that area, now they are also actively participating in their organic farming program. Their way of thinking is improving day by day. There is no child labour in their project area. They send their children to school to educate them, as it is also mandatory as per rules of Creation Biotech that they don’t allow using child labour and they have to send their children to get education. Farmers are making their own Vermi Compost and learning how to make homemade herbal pesticides (Jeevamrat) with crop waste etc. That is supporting farmers to reduce cultivation cost. Many farmers’ families benefited by free medical camp organized by Creation Biotech. Farmers use the Fair Trade Premium money for improvement of their living standard, children education and for avail and improve their farming facilities. Some farmers are using it for social development. Farmers are adopting new techniques for farming. Creation Biotech distributed hoe tools to farmers to help them to reduce the cost of weeding.
Use of Fair Trade Premium1. Provision of Vermi Compost to farmers. It improves organic matter, water holding capacity, productivity, no. of microbes in soil in their farm. 2. In-set deep bore well hand-pumps (175 ft. deep) in the project area. People in that area are now able to get drinkable water in sufficient quantity. 3. Building toilets in farmers houses. 4. Provision of water cooler to the farmers, to store, keep safe, clean drinking water. It supports them to maintain hygiene, reduce health issues and wastage of water also.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage106 %

Date of Certification
Last Update24.11.2017

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