Certified Operator (Certification Applicant)Erçetin Gulyaci AS5 stars

Place, CountryIsparta, Turkey

Contactwww.ercetin.com, info@ercetin.com

Certified Productsrose oil, rose concrete, rose absolute, rose water concentrate, rose waxesfor life logo
Certification ProgrammeFor Life - Social Responsibility Certification
Group Operation
ChapterContent of the For Life - Corporate Social Responsibility ProgrammeNormRating
3.1.1Transparent Adminstration and Relation with Producers2024
3.1.2Pricing and Producer Payments1620
3.1.3Non-discrimination and Gender Aspects1014
3.1.4Internal Control System2223
3.2.1Child Labour and Young Workers on Producer Farms1415
3.2.2Working Conditions on Producer Farms3029
3.3.1Basic Labour Rights for Producer Group Staff3035
3.3.2Employment Conditions for Producer Group Staff2425
3.4.1Commitment to and Management of Social Responsibility89
3.4.2Community Relations615
3.4.3Respecting Rights of Indigenous and Local Peoples44
Total Score Group Operation213
Points Reached Last Year (Group Operation): 213
Environmental Criteria
ChapterContent of the IMO Environmental ProgrammeNormRating
3.5.1Internal Monitoring of Environmental Aspects46
3.5.2Environmental Performance of Producers2229
3.5.3Environmental Performance of Processing Group2429
Total Score Environmental Criteria64
Points Reached Last Year (Environmental Criteria): 60
Social Impact
Social Impact & Special AchievementsErçetin privileges the employment of local people in the plant and include every farmer willing to cooperate with them in their project. Erçetin integrates Boyali and Ayivalipinar, two remote villages. In Boyali Erçetin buys the total production. Erçetin distributes the dried rose flowers to local population free of charge to use them as a combustible material instead of fuel for heating houses or burning in the stoves. A local rose festival in Sorkuncak is sponsored by Erçetin and the June rose festival in Güneykent will also receive a support. Mr. Erçetin was at the origin of the Rose Council representing local rose industrials with the Chamber of Commerce. The aim of this council is to create the awareness of the authorities about the importance of the rose industry for the local economy and remove administrative obstacles to its development.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage118 %

Date of Certification
Last Update28.08.2017

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