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Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification is suitable for all types of products and throughout the chain of custody world-wide.

Eligibility for certification

Fair for Life certification is offered to eligible operations worldwide.
Any hired labour operations as well as producer groups in high income or upper middle income countries must demonstrate their commitment to social change and expected benefits for marginalised workers or other marginalised target groups during the application process.


Certification System

Audit System

Social and fair trade audits are done only by specifically trained and qualified auditors.
During the annual on-site-audit the full applicable scope of the Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification Programme is checked in detail. For each control point, the performance of the company is evaluated. Additionally, the certification body may at any time conduct unannounced spot checks or additional audits.
Fair for Life certified products are traded along the chain of custody by certified or approved handlers. Certified handlers of Fair for Life Fair Trade certified products ensure decent working conditions for their workers and adhere to the principles of Fair Trade sourcing.

Rating System

Each performance indicator defines the norm for good practice (rating level 2) and indicates also two levels of compliance below the norm (0 = very poor and 1 = rather poor performance), and two levels of performance beyond the norm (3 = very good and 4 = outstanding performance). Some criteria are minimum criteria (M) and must always be fulfilled for certification. Any not applicable control points are indicated as n.a. and do not count towards the respective totals of applicable Total Norm Points and applicable Maximum (MAX) number of points. Detailed information to understand the rating system is included in every control module.

Certification Requirements

For certification, an operator

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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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